(Melath Ahamed Raoof Kadalundi)

Bird Sanctuary

Tour to Kadalundi

Facts and Figures:

Language: Malayalam, English


Best Time to Visit:

             November to  April

Area: 2 square kilometers




Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is one of the most beautiful bird sanctuaries of Kerala. A tour to Kadalundi will acquaint the tourists with unique and different species of wildlife amidst a fascinating natural habitat. 

The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary spread over a cluster of islands near Kozhikode draws tourists from all over the world for its vast range of avian species.

From February to March different species of migratory birds flock the islands of Kadalundi.                                                                                                              

From here the Kadalundi River flows.The islands are surrounded by small hills amidst which the Kadalundi River meanders on its way. Tour to Kadalundi will always be a fascinating experience for bird lovers and nature lovers.



The Kadalundi Bird Sanctuary is in  Kadalundi River which flows into tyhe Arabian Sea. The river originates from the Western Ghats and flows through the Silent Valley, Malappuram and Kozhikode.

The place has been named on this beautiful river


 How to Reach:

Nearest Airport to Kadalundi: Karipur Airport is 30km away.

Nearest Railway Station: Kadalundi Railway Station is 00km away  & Kozhikode Railway Station is 19km away.

Take a tour to Kadalundi and spend a few days amidst the scenic beauty of nature and chirping of colorful birds.

Where to Stay:

We offer excellent accommodation facilities in Kadalundi. Enjoy the beauty of Kadalundi and take home the memories of a wonderful retreat.